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Project details


Number of companies to be supported

Support of the participation of overseas footwear exhibitions U.S.A summer ORA fair (Salt Lake, U.S.A.) August 8
Germany autumn GDS fair
(Dusseldorf, Germany)
September 12
Supporting brand marketing Support of individual participation in professional exhibitions by footwear companies etc. May ~ December 9
Supporting overseas trend

Support of overseas footwear market and buyer trend

January~December Distributing 300 copies each

1. Qualification for participation : Finished footwear makers, raw/sub materials and parts companies in Busan
2. How to apply: After the completion of participation application, visit directly or apply by mail.
3. Application: Concurrent public collection and selection of three overseas marketing projects: Multiple applications are allowed.
4. Required documents: Application form, Company introduction/Promotion materials, Product catalog, etc.
5. Inquiry: Business Support Team, Footwear Industrial Promotion Center, TEL: +82-51-979-1724