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This service supports companies by integrating performance evaluation, design, product design, and marketing functions of the center needed most by the footwear industry and upgrades the level of development

1. Detail information : Support of new product for needs and utilization of center equipment.
2. Scope of support : Product design, trial products development, design, footwear biomechanical test, IT system, etc.
3. How to apply: Support after meeting according to companies' development requests
4. Inquiry : Footwear Industrial Promotion Center, TEL: +82-51-979-1700

To increase competitiveness of the footwear industry, it facilitates footwear industry clustering through efficient support of technical projects of Industry Academy Cooperation and technology development projects.

Application target : Footwear companies that drive technology development for special technology commercialization
Supporting detail : Creation of task proposal plan and presentation materials, Support of task performance
Project development : Technology development project of 2011 Ministry of Knowledge Economy and Technology development project of Small & Medium Business Administration.
Inquiry : Footwear Industrial Promotion Center, TEL: +82-51-979-1700