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1. Total project amount : 398 million won (city contribution 300, private contribution 98)
2. Project details : Support of development of five kinds of our brands luxury footwear
3. Support criteria: Less than 60 million won development project cost per company
(75% of development project cost)
4. Differential support according to the development plan of each company and 25% private contribution of development project cost
5. Project schedule : Project announcement (February) → Selection of participatory companies by Evaluation Committee (3.22) → Workshop (3.30) → Project agreement (April) → Interim assessment (September)
→ Exhibition in BISS fair (October) → Final assessment (December)
6. Royalty: Collection of 1 % of sales(unit price X quantity) after the completion of development for 5 years (within support limit)
7. Supervised by : Footwear Industrial Promotion Center, Busan Economic Promotion Agency
8. Participating organization: Korea Institute of Footwear & Leather Technology
- Center : Design and trial products, technical support, footwear biomechanical test
- Institute: New materials development, relevant technology support and functional parts development
- Participating companies : Commercialization of products, market development and royalty payment etc.
9. Inquiry : Hi-Tech Development Team, Footwear Industrial Promotion Center, TEL: +82-51-979-1741

Company name

brand name

Development contents

Hwaseung Co. Ltd,


Development of professional sports shoes using multihardness

Aro Co. Ltd.,


Development of ultralight walking shoes of eco-environment EVA foaming Process

Kwangsungind CO. LTD


Development of light diabetes shoes with air circulation feature



Development of light table tennis shoes and structure design of front foot part



Development of shoes generating propulsive force and maintaining walking balance