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Korean footwear companies need to obtain scientific performance evaluation data of product to increase their export. The KHPL of the footwear center tries to support Korea's footwear companies' entry into overseas markets by introducing leading-edge equipment for biomechanical performance evaluation, and foster specialization of human resources. Also, it has a plan to achieve synergistic effects with products developed through cooperation with famous biomechanical research groups, such as Adidas institute, NSRL (Nike Sport Research Lab), HPL (Human Performance Laboratory) of University of Calgary, Canada. The HPL of University of Calgary, Canada has jointly performed research with Busan footwear companies by making an MOU with Footwear Industrial Promotion Center in November 2005 and the scope of future cooperation will be extended.
The introduction of various pieces of biomechanical performance evaluation equipment is divided into the system of biomechanical performance evaluation, and influence on human body, the system of performance evaluation related to improvement of biomechanical functions and the system of impact absorption and finite element analysis, biomechanical performance evaluation system implementation. Also, research organizations, and professional human resources for the operation of performance evaluation equipment and R&D will be expanded.
1. Preparation of objective footwear biomechanical test standards as a performance evaluation agency for finished goods.
2. Improvement of completeness of biomechanical functionality and ergonomic design of footwear developed by domestic companies.
3. Achieve sufficient growth to become a reliable, world-class biomechanical verification organization with a competitive position in overseas markets
4. Absorption of demand in performance evaluation field in Asia and expansion of role.
5. Accumulation of expertise in performance evaluation and development of finished goods and fostering of R&D human resources.
area category part Indicator
performance Impact absorption midsole Impact absorption in the forefoot.
Impact absorption in the rearfoot
Insole foot pressure distribution test
Ground reaction force
Motion control midsole Change of initial achilles tendon angle
Change of initial rearfoot
3D motion analysis
weight Footwear Weight test in upper
Weight test in midsole
wear Testing Footwear VAS (Visual Analogue Scale)
EMG, Lower limb muscle fatigue
durability outsole,
Durability test of outsole in middle
Wearing test of finished goods
Prevention of inquiry friction outsole Test by slip tester
Wearing test of finished goods
flexibility Footwear
Test by flexibility tester
Flexibility test of midsole
stability Footwear
3D motion analysis
Wearing test of finished goods
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