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We will work with footwear companies to make Korea's footwear industry the development base for high-tech shoes for the global footwear industry by leading the development of high-tech shoes for the 21st century.

The Korean footwear industry had taken a driving role in economic growth and export increase as a representative industry leading exports until the beginning of the 1990s. However, after the late 1980s, the base for footwear production weakened due to accelerated movement of production facilities to overseas companies due to the sudden rise in labor costs. Regardless of the decrease of footwear industry portion and overall shrinkage, Korean footwear industry has global competitiveness in production technologies, materials, and parts, and retains superior production technology and know-how accumulated for a long time.

The Busan Metropolitan City and the Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Energy jointly made a 'Master plan for Busan footwear industry promotion' and established FIPC so as to develop a labor-intensive industry into a high value-added one. FIPC contributes to obtaining global competitiveness by improving design, product planning and marketing capabilities which were weak points of the Korean footwear industry, and forming the base for the Korean footwear industry through reinforced overseas marketing activities.

The FIPC drives integration of the footwear industry in business planning, marketing, design development, R&D, mold, trial goods by utilizing infrastructure along with the relevant organizations and supports the development of high-tech shoes that are difficult to manufacture in development companies. FIPC was, with this historical background, hence established in order to attain international competitive edge over new product design, product research & development and overseas marketing capabilities in the future.